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About Shoptiment

Hello, we are shoptiment!

You have arrived at the traditional about page. Possible, it means that you have interest in who's on this site and how this all works.

Shoptiment evaluates products, but in a different way than is usually done. We focus ourselves on how a product is received from the emotional side of the human spectrum. How do you like a product and what are your feelings about this product? Hence the name Shoptiment, a combination of sentiment and shopping. Sentiment refers to the sentiment and the feeling that you can have for a certain product.

The goal is to help our visitors with their purchase decisions by giving more than the technical details.

Product Reviews by Our Experts

Often, we add product reviews that are written by our own. These reviews are about products we often own ourselves and love (or hate) to use.

Product Reviews through Artificial Intelligence

In addition, we use artificial intelligence to review how well a product is received on online media. Our platform investigates what is written about a product on online media. Artificial intelligence can examine these writings, and subtract the average sentiment or feeling of these writings with an accuracy of about 85%.

Our platform is a platform in development and thus we are engineering various ways to gather data from online sources. In some cases and for some products, this will still give odd results. So if you encounter something odd, don't be surprised :)!

Product Sentiments from Our Users

Another important aspect of our platform can directly be influenced by you! At every product displayed on our platform, you can add your own sentiments! In this way, you help us and our users to have a good perspective on a product and its general sentiment.

Bummer! We are not an Online Shop

We love listening to your amazing stories, but we are not a webshop. We only refer to third parties that sell products. So if you have a question about a product, the purchase or the deliverance of these products, you can contact our partners.

Getting into Contact

Do you have any urgent question left, for example about collaboration, becoming a partner or the whereabouts of Shoptiment? You can contact us through one of our social media channels. Partners can also email to [email protected] Our current partners are Amazon,, CoolBlue and AlieExpress.